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This week I talked with author Boze Hadleigh about his new updated edition of Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo To Foster published
“Having a big fun celebration to celebrate the accomplishments of our industry just didn’t feel right," United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer said.
The Britannia Awards is BAFTA Los Angeles' big night out in Hollywood, where Brits and anglophiles come together to honor
The UK's The Telegraph was shocked that Prince Phillip would possibly leave his home with a hearing aid in October 2014: "Hear
And that's what we have in the new ebook novella by Richard Hine: Kim Kardashian Saves the World after President Trump Nearly Ends It (TLD Media, LLC). This could be the fastest, funniest 56 pages you'll ever zip through.
Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday (played by my favorite actress Judy Holliday) is a woman who is way out of her comfort zone
There is more to Money Monster than meets the eye. Yes it deals with the familiar in the guise of a television show hosted by one Lee Gates (George Clooney) with hot dancing chicks accompanying supposedly hot stock tips.
It is also subversive about "men" and "power". It is--in Foster's words--"the story of three men who are struggling with
Marc Hershon is the host and executive producer of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast, featuring clips from comedy podcasts
As you'd expect, things quickly escalate from there. While Gates is trying to keep himself alive, he forms an unlikely bond
"Trust me, 47 years in the film business is a long time," said Jodie Foster when she accepted her Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes in 2013. She should know. Foster made her acting debut in a Coppertone commercial when she was just three.
People with Venus retrograde often have to go through many relationships over a long period of time, to find their ideal mate.