jodie foster

The “Mauritanian” actor thanked the Green Bay Packers quarterback in her acceptance speech, and fans had a lot of questions once again.
Foster looks back at her Thanksgiving comedy starring Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. and Anne Bancroft: "It was an amazing experience."
This week I talked with author Boze Hadleigh about his new updated edition of Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo To Foster published
“Having a big fun celebration to celebrate the accomplishments of our industry just didn’t feel right," United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer said.
These are powerful men and women. They have a quality about them that captivates us all. They're like a canvas onto which
There is a misperception that hearing loss is primarily experienced by older adults. Perez Hilton pronounced in "Jodie Needs
And that's what we have in the new ebook novella by Richard Hine: Kim Kardashian Saves the World after President Trump Nearly Ends It (TLD Media, LLC). This could be the fastest, funniest 56 pages you'll ever zip through.
Each of these characters takes risks. None of them play it safe. As a result, some triumph (Luke, Clarice, Billie, Elle) and
There is more to Money Monster than meets the eye. Yes it deals with the familiar in the guise of a television show hosted by one Lee Gates (George Clooney) with hot dancing chicks accompanying supposedly hot stock tips.
One of the most important events at Cannes is the Kering "Women in Motion" series, featuring famed women actresses, directors
Being chased by government agencies and others, the duo is determined to elude capture, while trying to find someone canny
In some ways this plays a lot like the 2002 Denzel Washington vehicle John Q, which did for the health care system what this
Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro converged at the Tribeca Film Festival.