Jodie Whittaker

Whittaker makes it clear "that yes, being a woman suits the Doctor just fine," according to Variety.
Heartwarming encounters show what the first female Doctor means to fans.
Actress Jodie Whittaker discussed why it's so important that there's a female Doctor on the BBC show "Doctor Who."
Fantasy and sci-fi promise limitless imagination. A litany of white, male franchise leads do not.
The internet's favorite dictionary steps in to silence sour sexists everywhere.
It’s the news, whether you like it or not. 1. “Doctor Who” finally got on the diversity train, casting Jodie Whittaker as
In a summer full of overdone blockbusters (hello, Captain America?) and wan, airless independent films (The Future - urrgh
Perrier's Bounty is delicious and propulsive, a film that rarely pauses to let the viewer catch his breath. It's an expert blend of thrills, laughs and jeopardy - like a strong Irish coffee with a jolt of pepper.
Good hasn't a prayer of making any money but if you don't care about only seeing what's in vogue you won't go away feeling unmoved.