Joe Barton

A sexually explicit photo of the Texas Republican recently surfaced.
There are plenty of reasons to dislike Rep. Joe Barton. His dick pics shouldn't be one of them.
The Texas Republican’s sexts don’t appear to be non-consensual, though posting them online certainly was.
“I am sorry I did not use better judgment," Rep. Joe Barton said of the photo that appeared to show his genitals.
Time to face our reality so we can fix it.
“What is this? You don’t tell anyone to shut up. You work for us,” a man in the audience replied.
The ongoing push to lift the ban on exports of U.S.-produced crude oil appears to be coming to a close, with Congress agreeing to a budget deal with a provision to end the decades-old embargo.
Lily Blackburn, age 7, was born with what is known as STAR syndrome. She’s one of only 75 kids in the country with the condition
But Barton has little to lose by backing crude exports, according to Book, since his district is home mainly to oil producers
The media, Congress and American workers are talking about raising the minimum wage nationally. So why hasn't an increase been passed? Who opposes raising the minimum wage? Not average Americans. Not even most Republicans. The answer: Republicans in Congress.
Ticket sales from the game raised more than $370,000 for charity. Although Republicans had high hopes going into the game
"Our Energy Moment" held its first event in the public square by sponsoring "Energy & the 113th Congress," hosted by Politico
President Barack Obama's call to raise the minimum wage has long been met with resistance from congressional Republicans