joe donnelly

Donnelly was one of the Senate's most vulnerable Democrats.
Mike Braun has said voters can be sure he's good on health policy because of how well he's treated his workers.
The Indiana senator's gaffe feels quaint in the age of Donald Trump.
The Indiana lawmaker is running as a Trump-leaning Democrat in one of the closest Senate races.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination on Sept. 20.
Mike Braun says the Indiana Democrat profits from foreign labor -- even though Braun's firm does that same thing.
Republicans are pressing forward with the highly unusual confirmation process without all of the nominee's records released to the public.
Republican Mike Braun has picked an odd fight with incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly over outsourcing.
The Judicial Crisis Network is already spending $1.4 million to pressure red-state Democrats to vote for nominee Brett Kavanaugh.