Joe Girardi

Give the skipper props for a gutsy preemptive move that didn't quite pan out.
The way things are going, Yankee Stadium might primarily become a tourist attraction -- a museum of sorts -- the problem being that museums celebrate the past not the present nor the future.
It's the most photogenic field in sports. With its diamond grass stage and mound dirt spotlight, baseball is a small-screen dream.
More trouble for Alex Rodriguez: At the Yankees-Red Sox game this weekend, he was hit by a 89-mph fastball. The pitch prompted Yankees manager Joe Girardi to storm the dugout—then he was ejected from the game, but it seems Rodriguez got the last laugh.
The 2013 New York Yankees: Injuries on top of injuries. Newly penurious owners. A lineup of assorted castoffs and veterans past their prime. Not a pretty picture -- in fact, it looks to be the weakest team the franchise has put on the field in at least two decades.
Talk about cliches being accurate. The Dallas Cowboys nearly beat the Giants on a last second touchdown pass but Dez Bryant's hand was out of bounds by inches.