Joe Hill

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye by David Lagercrantz "Tattoo artists will be interested in the as-if-born-in-fire origins
Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King "A blood-splattered pleasure. It's hard to say what the deeper message of
Here's how Joe Hill explained his experience: "We've been friends for 14 years; I met Maryann Campbell, Glenholme's Executive
As an antidote, The Fireman surrounds Harper with complex women and female friends. Hill explained, "I wanted to have host
If legendary labor activist Joe Hill were alive today - and some contend that he is - he would have plenty to say about the state of the American worker. And the country, if it listened, would have plenty to learn.
A break from the standard Halloween fare of mad slashers and paranormal infestations, the new film Horns brings a decidedly hometown slant to an examination of the good and evil that lives in all of us.
You aren't born a writer, you become a writer. Some families have multiple doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, etc. But how many families have multiple, successful writers?
The next couple of months will be hard to bear, knowing that the holidays will be much less jolly for the millions still living in the shadows. For them, for us, I say: Let us grieve, let us lay blame, let us swing our imaginary chanclas at our bullyraggers.
Named for the license plate on Manx's murderously sentient Rolls Royce, NOS4A2 is Joe Hill's homage to traditional horror after two novels that did not adhere as clearly to genre conventions.
Bob Dylan was smart enough to pull out an electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 and "rocktify" his folk music. Now, Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience.
What I thought would be an opportunity to network with other special needs activists turned into a profound experience that left me feeling both encouraged and challenged in new ways.
When you ask for help, you will be surprised what comes your way. Now, stop telling yourself "no," stop listening to the people telling you "no," and go create something awesome to help others
This is not 1950, it is 2012, and families should not have to go bankrupt to pay for their children's therapies. Insurance companies should cover conditions that require treatment.
Happy Labor Day everyone! That is, those of you who have the day off... have job to be taking the day off from... and so
Joe Hill was a labor activist in the early 1900's -- the sort you used to hear more about in American popular culture. This Labor Day, I wonder what he would make of the demise of unions and the struggles of American workers.
WATCH: Scroll down to watch the trick shot video. This time, American University junior Joe Hill and senior Steve Luptak
Featuring a protagonist who is simultaneously villain and victim, Horns seeks to revisit the concept of the hero -- can a hero be someone who does something truly monstrous?
When Joe Hill decided to become a writer -- a horror writer no less -- he knew comparisons to his father, Stephen King, would