Joe Kennedy

The Massachusetts Democrat responded to the State of the Union speech with a call for policies that help all Americans.
It's the second time Reps. Joe Kennedy and Bobby Scott have tried to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act with their "Do No Harm" bill.
"There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury," Rep. Joe Kennedy said.
Trump's own supporters have been hoping that at long last Trump would act like the frontrunner, and last night he did.
The Harvard University Institute of Politics, well known for its polling data on voting patterns, created the National Campaign back in 2003 to explore ways to translate Millennial buzz around social justice and service into more tangible civic and political outcomes.
While there is nothing wrong with the legal and transparent accumulation of wealth, it is not inconceivable to draw the rather dark conclusion that there are those willing to allow or facilitate death and destruction to amass and protect said wealth
Kennedy represents the state's 4th District. Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) was re-elected to Congress on Tuesday. See more
If he does defeat his Democratic opponent in November, as most observers expect in traditionally red Oklahoma, Lankford will
Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) joins HuffPost Live to talk about the 5th anniversary of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act and the importance national service has had on his life and career.