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We know the media doesn't like to talk about climate change much, but this latest case of global warming denial has taken
Joe Kernen Compares Climate Change To 'Witchcraft' On CNBC
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Joe Kernen, co-host of CNBC's Squawk Box, recently lashed out on Twitter at concerned CNBC viewers and individuals who called on him to accurately report the facts and economic risks of climate change.
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(h/t Mediaite) Kernen challenged Cantor's position and bluntly said, "No one's asking you to marry another man." Cantor broke
Co-hosts Joe Kernen and Rebecca Quick weighed in with their thoughts on the new initiatives, while fellow co-host Andrew
Sometimes people yell at their TVs. Sometimes the TV yells at you. That's especially true if you watch a lot of CNBC. As
CNBC Host Joe Kernen: Paul Krugman is a Communist
Joe Kernen, an anchor for CNBC's "Squawk Box," made the statements Monday while defending CNN anchor Erin Burnett against