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Wednesday night rolled in and I was ready for whatever this game threw at me. Or was I? Are you feeling a sense of loss? Has
There are only two weaknesses. First, middle relief remains erratic. Second, they are the Cubs. The Chicago Cubs. Baseball's
At certain times on the calendar the volume and quality of sport on offer to fans and competitors alike overflows the capacity for any single person to absorb. It is an embarrassment of riches and at present we are in the midst of one such bonanza of events. Where to begin?
This spring the expectations for the Chicago Cubs are through the roof. For the last several days I have been in Arizona where Cub fans are swarming over Phoenix filled with an air of confidence.
The National League Rookie of the Year discusses his team's relaxed culture.
During our organization's interview with Joe Maddon, he made a statement about the importance of letting ALL kids on a team have the opportunity to play. He said: "Understand everybody plays, all right, everybody plays! If the kid is on the team, he plays."
They are hoping to win their first World Series since 1908.
"This year I'll be able to bring my daughter [to the stadium]," he gushes. "But it's hard not being able to be there to help
Maddon, who replaces Rick Renteria, will be the Cubs' fifth manager since the start of the 2010 season. After leaving the
"Yeah it's great. It's great that it's sold out. And I understand that the people like Derek Jeter. But you've got to come