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The NFL great and Jennifer Montana stopped a woman who grabbed their sleeping 9-month-old grandchild.
You would never know it by looking at the NFL Draft.
NFL legend Joe Montana chats with HuffPost about the Breakaway from Heart Disease Campaign. Check out the livestream on HuffPost
It's time for all of us all to act, and to demand much more from those in positions of leadership in the NFL. I also hope that President Obama and Members of Congress voice their views, not to score political blood-score points, but as human beings who are fathers and mothers, who want America to be a place where their daughters don't live in fear.
Candlestick Park itself is an abysmal structure, full of decadence and resembling more a relic of a stadium that belonged 50 years ago. But given its history, there's undoubtedly a strong amount of sentimentality and nostalgia that comes with it.
Football does impart crucial lessons for political campaigning. It implores politicians to stay focused on winning, advises them to discount all pre-election noise, pay attention to all parts of their organization and always think before they act.
As a young sports fan, I learned about football by watching Notre Dame.
Forget a QB rating system based on math Stephen Hawking wouldn't understand. Forget ESPN's new "Total Quarterback Rating." How many quarterbacks strike such fear into a coach's heart that he would choose Bill Belichick's desperate fourth-and-two play over a punt?
Joe Montana Calistoga Estate, Villa Montana, Drops Asking Price By $14 Million (PHOTOS)
One out of every 6 Americans doesn't know where their next meal is going to come from. It is unconscionable that anyone should be facing food insecurity in this land of plenty, which is why all of us should do our part to ensure no one has to go hungry again.