Joe morrissey

In 2014, Morrissey resigned from the House of Delegates after he was accused of having sex with his then-17-year-old secretary, who's now his wife.
Joe Morrissey has cobbled together an unlikely coalition of voters in Virginia’s capital.
Trump backed his personal Titanic up again and again, and tried to just ram through the iceberg, over and over. He was even up early this morning, providing yet another day's legs for this story.
Morrissey resigned his seat after the charges, but won it back in a special election in January, before facing even more
Morrissey said he was actively involved in the new baby's life, as well as in the life of another of his children, a 2-year
According to NBC12, Morrissey said he is the father of a son, Chase, born to Myrna Pride, who is now his girlfriend. He confirmed