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The former Jets quarterback told Howard Stern that an unfamiliar woman knocked on his hotel door after curfew.
The possibility of peace will not occur unless we force it to occur, until then, we might as just watch Bart defy the impossible.
Namath has said his interest in neurological research was sparked by the suicide of ex-NFL star Junior Seau.
It is Super Bowl Week. It is Super Bowl L, or for those who have abandoned their ties to the Roman Empire, Super Bowl 50. I have been around for all of these games, the first several of which were rather bland affairs, poorly played and lacking much suspense.
My father was a wildly enthusiastic football fan, and during the season, Sunday afternoons in our house revolved around the NY Giants. My dad had great disdain for the people who lived across the street because they liked that "new" team -- the Jets.
Geno Smith is not a leader. Period. It would have been simply inconceivable for a Peyton Manning or a Joe Namath or [enter here the name of any great QB] to be shown such disrespect and punched for an off the field reason by a teammate.
The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy say the clock is ticking in the search for two teens who went missing during a fishing trip off the coast of southern Florida.
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath has also joined the search.
NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath is offering a $100,000 reward in the search for two teens who went missing during a fishing trip off the coast of southern Florida.
Another legend gives up on the game that made him famous.
The Super Bowl is only days away, yet if you open the sports pages, there's not much real football being written about. The rancor surrounding the game sounds more like a scripted build-up to a WWE WrestleMania than the biggest game in legitimate American sports.
The Wedding Ringer isn't innovative, but ultimately it's a crowd-pleasing movie. Hart, with his command of social media, will get fans in theater seats. Garelick's writing/direction coupled with the cast's high jinks will keep audiences laughing.
The Rex Ryan era ended this Sunday after the miserable 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Met Life Stadium. Whether the once brash, Super-Bowl pledging, "ain't here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings" coach is put out of his misery now or at season's end ultimately make little difference.
The golfing spotlight is back on Rory McIlroy and rightfully so. The 25-year-old Irish lad put on a stellar performance that left him holding the coveted Claret Jug on Sunday afternoon, and put to rest any doubts that he has emerged from his recent slump.
Women and men can both agree that getting a really close shave isn't always easy. You may encounter quite a few nicks and
Some loved it, some compared it to an Ikea commercial, and some were inspired to debate about whether or not it's OK to wear
Joe Namath still knows how to make an impression during the Super Bowl. With his wardrobe choice already garnering him plenty
WATCH: Joe Namath Talks With Piers Morgan Namath insisted to Morgan that he had been "feeling pretty good" before being examined