Joe Paterno

HBO film explores coach's role in Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, "challenging his legacy."
Photo Source: There are many lessons that leaders in business, community, and sports can learn from Bill
How much of your soul would you be willing to sell for a championship?
The late coach was fired in 2011 amid a child abuse scandal involving a Penn State assistant.
"Joe Paterno has been cast in a negative light and we're trying to correct that narrative."
When I then decided on a Master's degree in fiction writing at Penn State, again I had first-rate professors, like the brilliant
Eric Barron says he's "appalled by the rumor, innuendo and rush to judgment that have accompanied the media stories surrounding these allegations."
As many as six assistant coaches at Penn State witnessed "inappropriate behavior" between Jerry Sandusky and boys, stretching
His former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in state prison after being convicted of molesting 10 boys.
One of the biggest shocks to hit sportsworld in the past few years came in the form of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State University that led to the firing of Joe Paterno as head football coach.