Joe Rogan

The Democratic 2020 candidate told Joe Rogan that, if elected, he'll reveal if UFOs exist -- but only because his wife told him to.
Asian Voices
The InfoWars host, who joined the comedian on his podcast this week, also made the racist claim that Native Americans are easier to “mind control."
"He's the best thing we've had since Thomas Edison."
“I mean it’s legal, right?” said the Tesla CEO before taking a drag and sending Twitter over the edge.
Healthy Living
I have written before about road trip tricks, but my preparation for our recent trip to Colorado really left me feeling great
I had of those great days with my son on Monday, I worked from home most of the day and got to chaperone him and his classmates
Black Voices
Our culture and even our laws are formed around their comfort.
Three years after revealing how darkly decadent they can be, Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santo are revisiting the "Angel of Death" again.
Many who watch their concerts and buy their records probably wonder if there's more to the platonic love connection that a midwestern daughter and New England son made to become Los Angeles-based professional musical partners in 2006.
Queer Voices
Just how good is Fallon Fox? We will probably never know. Just like Satchel Paige the odds are we will still be arguing this 30 after she has passed away.
If scrappy band mates Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe ever thought they took the wrong career path, a couple of little girls in pretty, colorful dresses likely set them straight on a fabulous fall evening in Beaver Creek, Colorado.
They said it about Hicks, and they said it about Carlin: they were not only comedians, but great thinkers. They were cultural commentators, who just happen to pepper in some d**k jokes for good measure.
When I truly believe that the power of the universe resides within me (this belief waxes and wanes apparently) I act in such a way that I am able to tap it. Jesus or the Buddha or Winnie the Pooh, these are merely conduits for the almighty energy that lies in wait.
Long before the world embraced the UFC, Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) Executive Producer Campbell McLaren thrust mixed martial arts into the American media spotlight, launching the Ultimate Fighting Championship amid a campaign of controversy.
Two decades after the first DMTS trials, trans-media producer Mitch Schultz created a documentary film based on this unusual material, creating a counterculture sensation that is now available on Netflix, iTunes and Hulu.
HuffPost: Do you find a theme in the generations as to what type of porn they enjoy? Is it like music? Whatever you liked
TV & Film
As Amy Jo cringed in horror in the tub, her partner Earl urged her on. "Get your shoulders under," he said. In one challenge
The Comedy Store is a club that helped shape the modern comedy landscape and the story of the club itself is a Hollywood tale for the ages.
NBC is currently developing a version of its hit reality show Fear Factor to be targeted exclusively to senior citizens and called Geriatric Fear Factor.