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The president suggested it was a "badge of honor" to have the world's highest number of infections. His phrasing was scorned on social media.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh issued a stark warning about Laura Ingraham after the Fox News host dismissed social distancing guidelines.
Laura Ingraham told her viewers there was "no real scientific basis" to support social distancing efforts.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh put the president on notice: "He lied about the virus."
The HUD secretary moaned about the lack of praise for the president to Fox News' Sean Hannity. People on Twitter called him out.
"I’d rather have a socialist in the White House than a con man."
Nevada Republicans canceled their presidential preference vote and are giving Trump all their convention delegates.
State Republican leaders did all they could to give Trump a crushing win, including breaking caucus voting rules, former Rep. Joe Walsh said.
The former congressman and Trump challenger couldn’t get past the front desk at Republican Party headquarters to make his complaint.
The tea party hero who feels he made Trump possible in 2016 says he’s running in the GOP presidential primary to make amends.