Joe Wilson

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) mocked Democrats on Facebook for coronavirus guidelines just hours before he was diagnosed with COVID-19 himself.
His constituents haven't forgotten about the infamous moment.
Such a law would devastate unions, and it's closer than ever to becoming a reality.
Tired of the pervasive anger and divisive rhetoric that is consuming American politics in this year's presidential contest, we decided to attend a recent candidate forum near our north shore Oahu home for a more Hawaiian experience -- one grounded in harmony, not hate.
Nothing illustrates better the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican war hawks who call themselves presidential candidates than their attempts to whitewash the history of how this nation went to war in Iraq.
"The Iraq war error reminds us of the need for epistemological modesty," Brooks writes. That's bullshit, even if written in the lingua franca of the salons frequented by Brooks and other apologists for what Bush and Cheney visited on the people of Iraq.
When aliens didn’t arrive in spaceships to save Keech and her followers on Dec. 21, 1954, as she predicted, it did not, at
When teachers are graded on their performance, there is rarely enough time to assess the out-of-classroom impact they might have on students as a result of such intangible qualities as personality, patience, tone of voice, and willingness to listen.
Rep. Joe Wilson (R) defeated Democrat Phil Black in Tuesday's midterm election. Below, more live updates on the 2014 midterm
Human beings are made of stories and having the chance to have told a few stories to a small group of people, all over the world, that wasn't achieved by marketing, that was made possible by human beings helping other human beings tell a story.