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The latest from the director of "Krisha" opens Aug. 25.
Loving is a quiet dignified film about a simple man who loved his wife and wanted to be free to live with her in peace. It
The family has the good fortune to live in a time of social change. Jeter resonates to the Civil Rights Movement of the early
This film, which received a standing ovation at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016, tells the true story
Things get very strange in this episode of the MovieFilm Podcast -- Doctor Strange, that is! Yes, the latest superhero epic
Central Point is a community outside of Bowling Green, which is the county seat. To call Central Point a town is giving it
The writing, direction, performances and production elements are filled with a grace that leaves a lasting impression. It's as if the battle this unassuming couple waged must have been blessed from the start.
Jeff Nichols discussed his touching work at the Toronto Film Festival.
And those are Joel Edgerton's books. Good point. With your background in indie film, there's very much an indie sensibility
Cults, car chases, a kid with lazer beam eyes, a satellite from outer space! What more could you want in a movie? As director