Joel Embiid

Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves made the surrender gesture while gripped by the 76ers' Ben Simmons after a brawl involving Joel Embiid.
Kevin Durant, Paul George and Joel Embiid were among the players to fire back at fans' insulting messages in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" segment.
Or did somebody else burn Philadelphia 76ers president Bryan Colangelo?
This is where the fantasy of beating an NBA player on the playground ends.
In terms of your improvement, is it more about game experience, or tape? How much is it playing game experience versus watching
It seems like a millennium ago when the Sixers won their last NBA championship. I was lucky enough to have been there in 1983.
The Contrarian World Cup Tweet The Recruitment Of LeBron Joel Embiid is a character and he needs far fewer than 140 characters
Napier isn't merely liked by LeBron James; Pat Riley is apparently a fan as well. Miami getting Napier from Charlotte once
The 2014 NBA Draft features one of the most anticipated crops of talent to enter the league in quite some time. It has elite
The ping pong balls have had their say and although the draft order is set, the same can not be said about who each team plans on taking or if and picks will get traded. But if everything holds as it is, let's take a look at how the first ten picks should go.
This happens to be the most stacked and more importantly deep draft in a decade, so there's a good chance some of these players can make a difference.
The moribund Cavs have once again been given basketball's gift of gifts, winning the lottery for the third time in four years. And while they can choose between the supremely talented Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle, Joel Embiid is their best choice.
For the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's simple. They cannot mess up this selection this time around. Whoever the Cavaliers select with the number one pick, it will determine their future going forward.
Joel Embiid, freshman center for the Kansas Jayhawks, has to be careful. Embiid is currently sidelined with a stress fracture in his back, and no one knows how long it will keep him off the court -- he may end up missing the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. The 7-foot phenom is 19 years old with his entire basketball career ahead of him. Embiid, the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and a potential number one pick in June's NBA Draft, is stuck in a precarious situation. Right now, 10th-ranked Kansas is one of just a handful of teams capable of winning a national championship. Yet if Embiid returns to the game too soon, he risks damaging his back irreversibly.