Joel Greenberg

The extremist House member remains under investigation for having sex with an underage girl, which he denies.
Joel Greenberg has been cooperating with federal authorities investigating the Florida congressman for alleged sex crimes.
“If Trump doesn’t run, I’m sure I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024,” the Florida congressman told the New York Post.
News follows a plea deal by Joel Greenberg, a friend of the Republican lawmaker, in exchange for testimony against "other men" involved in a sex ring.
The associate of the Florida Republican faced 33 counts for crimes including sex trafficking of a child and wire fraud.
Joel Greenberg currently faces 33 charges for various crimes including sex trafficking of a minor and stealing from the tax office he once led.
Joel Greenberg made more than 150 payments to dozens of women, including a minor, The Daily Beast reported.
Federal agents seized the Florida Republican's device when executing a search warrant over the winter, Politico reported.
Former tax collector Joel Greenberg discussed young woman he referred to as "Vintage 99" in WhatsApp chat while he was caught up in a sex trafficking probe.