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In the early 2000s, when Klein first took his post, New York was facing challenges that I would argue are similar to those
Klein, who has touted charter schools as a means to help children from low-income families access a quality education without
Finland is the new black. Or so it would seem, from the many accolades increasingly heaped upon it by education experts, who tout Finland's treatment of teachers and education as a model of instructional progress.
You'd think that that public television would support public education, but you'd be wrong. The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has gotten in bed with the billionaires and conservatives who want to privatize our public schools.
NEW YORK -- President Barack Obama's visit on Friday to a Brooklyn public school operated in partnership with IBM puts him, perhaps unwittingly, in the thick of a charged battle over education policy in the nation's largest school system.
"Bloomberg now gets to say he did a lot of career and technical education," Mulgrew said in an interview, giving the mayor
I will not defend every school of education and every professor that works there, but I know we are not "the problem" with education in the United States.
The world is changing and the American education system hasn’t kept pace. Experts from across the ideological spectrum agree
As someone who has spent much of my life teaching, or writing about education issues, I thought, why not? It wasn't one of those polls where they were surreptitiously trying to sell me a product--or were they?
There is still much work to be done -- but there is no doubt the city's education system is on a better path because of the leadership of the past decade. Students and families in New York City -- and everywhere -- deserve a real debate on the issues.
Instead of results, we have gotten rhetoric, and our children have fallen further behind. It is time we adopt policy solutions that match the depth and complexity of the problems and address them head on.
On Slashdot, user "theodp" ran a Google cache search of Amplify, Rupert Murdoch's education subsidiary. The results, as theodp put it? "Obscene."
The Zimmer-Anderson school board race attracted national attention because it was seen as a test of the effort by corporate power-brokers to run schools like businesses, a strategy that they and the media misleadingly call "school reform."
Silicon Valley thrives on disruption; academia thrives on tradition. That's a recipe for tension.
Though the current portfolio of schools overseen by the Orleans Parish board is relatively small, the stakes are high in
The union delegates, apparently, didn't think it was good enough. So the strike continued. "That's when I started getting
My journalism has set out to expose the ideologues and profiteers engaged in dismantling the democratic ideals of public education. And yet, I just got hoodwinked by Joel Klein and the Rupert Murdoch-owned company he leads.
Nationwide, fewer and fewer percentages of charters are having contracts revoked each year: 6.2 percent of charter schools
Over the next few weeks, millions of American schoolchildren will return to the classroom from summer vacation, and not a
June 18 (Reuters) - News Corp's Management and Standards Committee, which is investigating the aftermath of the media conglomerate's