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On December, 2, 2015 Discovery Channel premiered Louis Psihoyos' new film, Racing Extinction, in 220 countries around the world. This riveting film covers the planet's sixth and currently ongoing mass extinction, named the Anthropocene Extinction, which is largely the result of mankind.
Each time we lose a species, we don't just lose a curious sight, we lose opportunities for medical research and a greater understanding of ourselves, we lose a link in the chain of our fragile ecosphere that protects our food, our water and our air.
Photographer Joel Sartore is a man on a mission. He’s working with National Geographic to capture 12,000 different animal
Tedx Midwest, brought to Chicago by Mike Hettwer and an organizing committee consisting entirely of dedicated volunteers, took place in Chicago on May 2nd and 3rd.
From National Geographic's New "7 Billion" App: Learn how photographer Joel Sartore photographed a tree-climbing lion in