Joe's Pub

The writer and performer looked to U.S. politics and Harvey Milk to inspire his new musical comedy show.
Meet Tori Scott, the "Garland for the Grindr era."
*****/***** If Cindy Lauper, Zack Galifaniakis, Joey Arias and Miranda July had an orgy, Erin Markey might have been born
The Tony-winning star's latest is a collection of heartfelt "character pieces."
Kevin Smith Kirkwood says his new show is the ultimate tribute to the diva.
It's songwriter Ben Arthur's contention that all art answers other art. The excerpts below are from "Why Is Your Writing
Migguel Anggelo brings his brave coming out struggle to the stage.
The writer-performer tells it like it is.
According to owner Bernie Furshpan, the goal of this Flatiron district cabaret is to revive the "golden age of cabaret" with both renowned performers and new faces.
JV: 1. Bette Midler for SURE (as Dolly Levi) 2. Liza Minnelli as her role in Arrested Development, because she slayed me