John 3:16

Perhaps the most frequent question I've been asked from ordination exams to becoming a pastor who works with college students has been, "What do you think is going to happen to the future of the church with so few young people going to church?"
Last week I had lunch with the pastor of the church where I'm currently the writer-in-residence. I asked him how the three members of the Trinity -- God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit -- decided who was going to have to take on physical form, be born in a barn, and then be crucified.
In times past, most people heated their houses using fireplaces, stoves and coal furnaces. Some people still do. It makes no difference which of these forms of heating one uses, there are always ashes or clinkers to get out of the house and hauled away without leaving a mess behind.
"I thought it would be neat to explore a possible path for this guy," Buchanan said. "What brought him to Jesus that night
A closer look at the original context of the words of the Bible can help readers see past these translation mistakes, which range from awkward phrasing to misrepresenting such central themes as the Ten Commandments.
While secularists may disagree with his extremely public exhibitions of faith, there presently doesn't seem to be much to complain about and a good deal to laud.
Love in the Bible, like love in our everyday lives, is important, complicated, and too powerful and mysterious to be fully defined or grasped by any of us.
Today I venture to do the unthinkable: try to convince liberals and progressives like myself to learn to love the latter-day poster boy of conservative Christian America.
I like to think that God is in the Tebow passes. But I am also making the effort to grow spiritually mature enough to know just as surely that God is not the perpetrator of the bad things that happen to us.
The anti-abortion group, which aired a controversial commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl starring the pious quarterback