john bel edwards

Hospitals in threatened areas have been unable to evacuate ahead of the hurricane due to COVID-19 patients filling beds across the state and elsewhere.
The potentially devastating storm is expected to make landfall Sunday afternoon.
As the deadly delta variant grips Louisiana, the state is imposing a new mask mandate in a bid to curb surging infections.
Republican state lawmakers have called a historic veto session over anti-trans and pro-gun bills that Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed.
The storm is threatening to push up to 9 feet of sea water inland in the Gulf Coast region, with New Orleans squarely in its path.
Forecasters say Tropical Storm Sally is expected to become a hurricane on Monday and reach shore by early Tuesday.
The president met with officials but no locals whose homes had been destroyed. He said Louisiana has "been a great state for me.”
It was one of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike the U.S.
Trump campaign power takes another hit in the South as Baton Rouge Republican businessman Eddie Rispone goes down in defeat.
Construction workers ran to safety as a large portion of the Hard Rock Hotel came crashing down.