John Berman

“He also lies about everything from crowd sizes to injecting disinfectant, so there’s that,” added anchor John Berman.
“I miss Obama... He is our statesman," said the senator on CNN's "New Day" on Thursday.
The former White House communications director argued that the president's base loves it.
"His only way of dealing with them is to attack them," said Tony Schwartz.
"When you say immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, isn't that spreading hate?"
Correction: This article has been updated to state that Lemon tried to "defuse," not diffuse, the situation. During a live
His co-host Michaela Pereira's face throughout the segment said it all. WATCH: "For all of you who don't want to be part
The new lineup will look like this, starting February 10: John Berman and Michaela Pereira will co-host CNN’s 11 AM hour
More laugher. A little silence. Yep, it was just as painfully awkward as you'd imagine: (h/t: John Berman) Some awkward laughter
Whoops! That must've been CNN host John Berman's reaction after he accidentally dropped an f-bomb on-air Friday. He was coming