WASHINGTON -- Days after tea party candidates were overwhelmingly defeated by establishment Republicans in several midterm
The Chamber's top political strategist, Scott Reed, told the Journal that the group's focus is on winning back the Senate
The Senate has passed a bill that keeps federal employees on the job until Nov. 15 -- but strips the House GOP's attempt
"He said, 'Don't change your view or compromise your principles, but always give a thought as to how your position might
WASHINGTON -- It's not that the House Tea Party caucus gets in the way of compromise -- it's that President Barack Obama
WASHINGTON--House Speaker John Boehner, hoping to spare fellow Republicans a second embarrassing defeat over payroll tax
Tea Party activists rallying in Washington say House Speaker John Boehner should stay in his job -- for now. The Hill reports
When Republicans retook the House in the 2010 midterm elections, there were a handful of smart party strategists who cautioned
The House has a freshman class of 87 GOP members, whose most impassioned supporters -- outspoken conservatives and tea party
According to Ned Ryun, head of American Majority, which provides training for conservative activists, the Republicans' problem
John Boehner has a decision to make. And in some ways it's akin to choosing between his children. By midnight tonight the
Late last week, Obama said that compromise was close with Republicans on $33 billion in cuts, and he warned that without
"Anybody who follows national politics knows that when it comes to a lot of the issues Americans care about most, Democrat
With a government shutdown deadline just days away, House Speaker John A. Boehner faces a fateful choice over whether to
It's been more than a month since Democrats and Republicans drew lines in the sand over federal budget cuts, but the weeks
After being granted three weeks to cut what has been an elusive budget deal, Speaker John A. Boehner is navigating the unchartered
Many tea-party-backed freshmen broke ranks with their GOP leaders and joined liberal Democrats in voting to cut funding for
As Tea Party politicians prepare to take their seats when the 112th Congress convenes this week, they are already taking
As the transition to the new Congress began, in mid-November, Boehner avoided potential conflicts with his freshman colleagues