John Bradshaw

Childhood wounds, of the psycho-sexual variety, are not the kind that easily heal.
Denial... I've never been very comfortable with the mass marketing of popular psychology or self help books with steps, and
My guess is that humans will forever try to get inside the heads of their feline companions to learn what lies behind those gorgeous, mysterious eyes. What is she thinking about? What's she about to do? Is she staring at me, or through me? Does she love me, or loathe me?
These five books, arranged in the order in which I discovered them, provide a chronological biography of my development as a spiritual person
"Cats show they're fond of other cats in three ways," he told HuffPost. "The tail-up/rub ritual; by resting in contact; and
In the Muslim world's convulsions, we see nation after nation ecstatically voting in oppressive theocracies, something we've
Why do we need to see whether the clouds will part and light will beam down and a heavenly voice will be heard? Go behold a man or a woman who has risen above nature's steely grip.
One surprise was the number of popular self-help books in the collection, and the care and attention with which he read and
For those of us who possessed intimate knowledge of her work, Alice Miller was not just an icon of psychological thought, but no less than a key part of our salvation from ourselves.