john cantlie

John Cantlie was captured with James Foley in 2012, after crossing into Syria through Turkey.
At one point, he stands outside, shouting at an airplane flying overheard: "Down here! over here! Drop a bomb! Try to rescue
This video differs from the last, released in late October, which appeared to show Cantlie in the Syrian border town of Kobani
Monday's Islamic State video features footage of Kobani purportedly shot by an IS drone. The images show Kobani's streets
In the 7-minute video, published Sunday, Cantlie appears to read from a prewritten script as he warns the West that the Islamic
Reached for comment by The Huffington Post, Campbell declined to comment further. "I don't wish to contribute to John's story
How fast we've moved from peace to war, from hope to despair. Of course, like so many reports about U.S. military action, there was no mention of civilian casualties or other "collateral damage."
His first video came one week ago, his outfit and tone hauntingly reminiscent of the two US journalists recently beheaded
The militant Islamic State group has released a new video in which a man identifying himself as a British journalist says that he will "show you the truth" about ISIS and how western media is manipulating the public. The chilling video shows a man who says he is John Cantlie. Cantlie, a former reporter for the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Sunday Telegraph, went missing in Syria in 2012, but was later freed by the Free Syrian Army. Cantlie reportedly then returned to Syria in 2012.
Watch the video to see Cantlie's full statement. "After two disastrous and hugely unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq