John Carpenter

The critically-acclaimed director happily shifted the spotlight to another horror icon after being praised on Twitter.
The man behind classics like "Escape From New York" and "Assault on Precinct 13" said that the Capitol Hill riots were reminiscent of scenes from his films.
The direct sequel remixes its slasher roots to become a thrilling feminist frolic. Michael Myers is who we’re here to see, but the story is Laurie's.
A detailed conversation with director David Gordon Green on rebirthing John Carpenter's beloved movie with the help of Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the horror franchise to slay Michael Myers.
In Mexico City, an artist is displaying a caricature of Donald Trump as an alien overlord, inspired by John Carpenter’s cult b-movie classic "They Live."
Dear bigots, stop trying to make “They Live” into anti-Semitic propaganda.
She's been involved in the production of classic films from Sixteen Candles and Rumble Fish to horror masterpieces They Live and Vampires. Her crews dubbed her with the nickname Mother Producer, and her desk is prominently adorned with a "No Whining" sign.