The Sword & Sandal movie -- known for its gladiatorial games, pagan orgies, depraved emperors, and the occasional snarling cyclops -- may represent the most colorful and enduring movie genre of all time.
There isn't anything too surprising about a well-marketed and well-reviewed mainstream comedy opening well on its debut weekend. Still, 21 Jump Street topped the box office this weekend with a whopping estimated $35 million.
Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, James Kirk, Luke Skywalker. Bleep those guys; as an interplanetary adventurer, John Carter has 'em all beat by at least ten years.
Years from now, marketing schools will teach John Carter as an example of where the Disney team did everything wrong, at least in America.
Disney is so desperate to not only chase the young male demos that is willing to risk alienating the young female demos that has netted it billions of dollars over the many decades.