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“This election may be a tipping point in the climate debate,” said John Coleman.
Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman took his controversial global warming skepticism to CNN for a combative interview
John Coleman Denies Climate Change On CNN
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"Thank you for having me on your program," Coleman said. "A climate skeptic can rarely get on TV ever since Al Gore made
John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of The Weather Channel, told Megyn Kelly tonight that he doesn’t believe global warming is real and laughed out loud at anyone who buys into what Al Gore is selling.
Kelly pointed to several Republicans, like Jon Huntsman Jr., who have argued that those who don't believe in global warming
These climate change scientists are ice-trucker tough and damn smart. Rather than just declare that global warming is a scientific fact, they are working their way, inch by inch, through miles of data.
Climatologists are those who are scientists. Meteorologists are not scientists and don't know what they are talking about when it comes to predicting long-term weather trends.