John Crawford

The Justice Department said it can't prove the officer violated the slain man's civil rights.
We are stuck in a loop of violence and injustice.
John Crawford III was holding a toy gun when police killed him. The caller said he was pointing a rifle at children.
It occurs to me that the vast number of police officers are not bad people. It is highly possible that many of these young people, most of whom are white, grow up in environments where they are told that black people are bad, that they are to be feared.
In the 1980s, photographer John Crawford spent hours in a helicopter, capturing naked bodies from hundreds of feet away.
Police must change their perspective from enforcing to protecting. They must know and respect the communities they serve. They must not be above the law. Change will occur only if we push for it together. Let's be about it.
It's been pointed out that police in Madison and around the nation could benefit from re-evaluating how officers are trained
Now that South Carolina has taken this very important first step in arresting and charging Slager with murder, the NCLEO4J along with the Scott family and an outraged community demand justice and accountability.
Leslie MsSpadden, mother of Michael Brown: “God has always been with me, but now he has become a guide." The New York City
What does it say about our nation when these facts alone are not enough to merit universal outrage?