John Crawford III

John Crawford III was holding a toy gun when police killed him. The caller said he was pointing a rifle at children.
"Racism is dead." "Too many black people are playing the race card." If that is indeed the case, please use the comment box to explain the following things to me.
John Crawford III was shot last Aug. 5 after a 911 caller reported someone waving a gun.
A multi-cultural group of retired and former police officers met with Rep. Jackson Lee of Texas to share and discuss their varied personal experiences with regard to institutionalized racism and the unnecessary state-sponsored murders of all Americans.
What does it say about our nation when these facts alone are not enough to merit universal outrage?
The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Dayton against the city of Beavercreek in suburban Dayton, the two Beavercreek
Police officers who clearly treat whites and blacks differently have been given military hardware and rules of engagement that allow them to be more aggressive and escalate the use of force faster than troops in a war zone. Let that sink in for a moment.
Read the Harvard Black Student Association's response in its entirety below. On the night of Monday, November 24th, a grand
We are all doing what we are paid to do, and for century after century, people of color have been the ones paying the price.
Discovering these biases shouldn't make one feel ashamed or fearful that he or she is a racist. Uncovering implicit bias and guarding against it is a responsible and necessary step for anyone dedicated to eliminating bigotry and prejudice.
John Crawford Jr. would regularly make the 400-mile drive from his home in Jackson, Tennessee, to Fairfield, Ohio, to see
To their credit, some gun groups were upset when John Crawford was shot by cops. The problem is their odd reasoning. Read
As a pastor and follower of Jesus, I believe we are walking backward in this country when it comes to truly valuing the lives of young people of color. With this grand jury decision, it feels like we walked back to the days of Jim Crow and segregation.
John Crawford III died Aug. 5 after Beavercreek police responded to reports of an armed man at a Dayton-area Walmart. Crawford
Our brothers, our sons, our fathers are being slaughtered in the streets. The law has become lawless. Michael Brown's blood and the blood of countless others cannot be spilled in vain, not now, not with a man like you, finally, on the stage. Mr. President, I ask you, what will your legacy be?