John Cullerton

In classic, clever campaign legislating, majority House Democrats pushed through and approved one redistricting reform proposal
"If protesting solved problems, Illinois wouldn't have any problems."
Cullerton said Rauner's campaign-style rhetoric is not helping the budget cause and urged Rauner to "take a break" and let
That's what we're talking about on this week's "Only in Illinois." Some Republicans have called this a bailout of Chicago
And everyone in the General Assembly knows that Rauner will summarily veto a new bill to sharply curtail his power in negotiating
Illinois wants to achieve some audacious goals for educating adults in the first quarter of this 21st century. What should
Here was Gov. Bruce Rauner, nearly nine months into the 2016 budget year with no 2016 budget in sight, back at the Illinois
SBAC President Elliot Richardson made an impassioned plea for some hint of cooperation between the two sides in Springfield
1) Work closely with President Cullerton to significantly increase state support for education, focusing our additional resources
And yet, most of us still haven't pressured our state representative and state senator to pressure Democratic House Speaker