John Dewey

It is the beginning of the school year. Periodically I am asked, somewhat suspiciously, “What would you do if educational
A central and ongoing challenge for our students is how to protect and strengthen democratic ways of life in a society where
Memo to Donald Trump: To talk without thinking is to shoot without aiming. 18th Century proverb *** The Internet may be the
In today's climate of renewed economic anxiety, many are prompted to jettison this tradition of pragmatic liberal education. In search of short cuts to vocational success, they undermine students' ability to respond to changes in the economy by preparing them only for what is valued right now.
"The point is, the universe is erotic," the monk told me. "By its very nature. God is erotic. Spirit is erotic. This is nothing
I've seen again and again how energized and hopeful people become when they come to see that they can actually make change and that democracy is an empowering way of life, not simply elections.
In today's society, and in business in particular, innovation has become the Big Thing. The Prize. The Holy Grail. "If you're not innovating, you're going backwards," according to Virgin Founder and CEO Richard Branson.
I'm also glad to see Cornel on the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders, who he refers to as a rare politician with integrity, honesty, and decency. As a Democratic Socialist (as was Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, and John Dewey), Bernie obviously cares more about the poor than any other candidate.
We need more details about this but the basic story is that the New School movement was launched in the 1970s by Vicky Colbert
If the political pundits would look around, they would even discover a significant number of prominent U.S. democratic socialists at work in a variety of fields. These and many other democratic socialists, among them Bernie Sanders, have played an important role in American life.