john dickerson

Rose was fired by CBS following allegations of sexual misconduct.
For months, I have endured the television coverage of Donald Trump. And for months, I have gritted my teeth and dared to look at the screen, partly because, as a diehard Democrat, I feel the need to be informed, and partly because I want to make sure I'm actually hearing what I think I'm hearing.
There's nothing wrong, or incendiary, or biased about using "liar" when it's accurate. Even when the liar is today's GOP frontrunner. In fact, especially when the liar is a political frontrunner eying the White House.
For a highly disciplined candidate like Clinton, this most unpredictable of campaign exercises would appear to pose serious risk with minimal potential for reward.
"This is basic reporting -- period," a CBS executive said of moderator John Dickerson's advance work.
The conditions seem perfect for a real political debate between two candidates who differ from each other on many key issues.