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The Trump administration implemented a new policy that obstructs undocumented teens in its custody from obtaining abortions.
Trump must not be allowed to prevent undocumented immigrant minors from getting the health care they need.
The Trump administration won't allow a teen girl in its custody to get an abortion, and won't say if it's using the same tactics to pressure and block rape victims from terminating their pregnancies.
The singer says the woman may have been infected by another person before or after the alleged encounter.
Agencies including ECPAT International, Polaris, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and The United Nations
New Information on Gableman and Prosser Recusal Emails show R.J. Johnson juggling disclaimers, pulling one name off and slapping
Documents released by the Guardian indicate that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may have solicited and received corporate checks for the 2011 Senate recall fight and his own 2012 recall election.
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm may soon appeal the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that ended the five-county "John Doe" criminal investigation into whether Governor Scott Walker illegally coordinated with supposedly "independent" dark money groups during the 2011-2012 recall elections to the U.S. Supreme Court.