John Dowd

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has told President Trump’s legal team he’ll haul Trump in front of a grand jury if their client doesn’t agree to answer his questions in the Russia Collusion investigation.
"This is turmoil, it’s chaos, it’s confusion, it’s not good for anything," said attorney Ted Olson.
“It is difficult for one to maintain one’s appearance of being an ethical lawyer while trying to represent Donald Trump," a legal expert said.
Attorney John Dowd also said Trump knew Michael Flynn lied to the FBI before firing James Comey.
John Dowd, Trump’s personal lawyer, pretended to fall on his sword to exonerate Trump from a tweet that looked very much
Photo by Alli Royce Soble at Emory Law School MICHAEL SCHULDER is the host of Wavemaker Conversations: A Podcast for the
The success of the NFL derives in part from its mastery of the electronic media as the league is able to blanket that world at all times and places. There is no off-season for the NFL. On the rare occasion there can be drawbacks to this dominance. The last 72 hours is not what the media mavens at the NFL would call "a good run."
As Dowd played the good soldier on Monday, the Obama campaign put out a 13-minute documentary detailing the history of McCain's