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Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is in the inchoate stages of vetting possible Vice Presidential
Clergy, faculty and students are sticking up for the University of Tennessee's efforts to be inclusive.
"Filming this has been incredible, most of the shots have involved some kind of adventure," Duncan writes on his Vimeo page
Last week, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) called for Obama's impeachment, citing a "purposeful dereliction of duty
Presidential libraries, while maintained in concert with the National Records and Archives Administration, rely on private
"Like most men, I'm more opposed to violence against women than even violence against men," Duncan said. "Because most men
Other proponents of the administration's plan think a hasty exit would be downright daft, and suggest a power vacuum would
A former employee of U.S. Congressman John Duncan Jr.'s Knoxville office has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming she
Last week, some members of Congress sent President Obama a letter that urged him to "reconsider" his order deploying 17,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan. But the list of signers was awfully short.
Let me play the contrarian here. We need as many members out seeing the world as possible -- and if they are at a forum debating political Islam...well, fantastic!