John Edwards affair

Former Democratic senator and 2004 vice-presidential nominee John Edwards announced Tuesday that he had formed a new law firm with a former partner, David Kirby, and his daughter Cate.
The firm, Edwards Kirby, will focus on public interest cases involving "social, economic and individual injustices" and have
The reported move marks a return to public life for Edwards, who admitted to having an affair with campaign employee Rielle
Romeo and Juliet. Lancelot and Guinevere. Catherine and Heathcliff. Buffy and Angel. To the pantheon of legendary star-crossed
In Los Angeles to do The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, John Edwards meets his and Hunter's daughter Quinn for the first time
"I feel for both my daughter and for all the kids involved, the full truth needs to be in the public domain," Hunter said
"Their marriage was ruined before I got there," she told ABC's 20/20. "Years before I got there." The statements from Hunter
There's absolutely no justification for launching a full-on assault on Elizabeth Edwards. Rielle, you have said that you feel it is your "duty" to Edwards and his three children with Elizabeth to write the book which reveals your side of the story.
We want to hear one thing from you, without distancing phrases or tired clichés -- and that is that you get it.
On Thursday, John Edwards' campaign finance fraud case ended in a mistrial. According the Associated Press, jurors acquitted