John Engler

Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr., the former president of Stony Brook, will be the fourth person to lead the school since Lou Anna K. Simon stepped down last year.
Just days earlier, he claimed Larry Nassar's victims were "enjoying" their moment in the "spotlight."
"You know, the awards and recognition," said Michigan State University's John Engler.
William Strampel, a former dean at Michigan State, allegedly covered up Nassar’s behavior and assaulted his own students.
The 120 survivors wrote that Engler, a former state governor, “only reinforced the culture of abuse."
It's the necessary work we must do to heal and change our culture.
Three of the nation's most prominent trade associations are striking back at a corporate disclosure study that concludes large companies are increasingly more transparent about their politicking.
Politicians repeat deceptive talking points about broken schools while ignoring the elephant of poverty and racism in the room. So-called educational reform has been an failure and even Estee Lauder herself couldn't make this a pretty picture.
Who knows? County-wide districts might actually work. We can all believe in our leaders and hope they have our best interests at heart. But, as usual, follow the money.
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