John Fetterman

Fetterman, the state’s 6’8” lieutenant governor, will be a major presence in what could be a crowded Democratic field for an open seat.
Chaos erupted in the Pennsylvania state Senate after Republican senators refused to swear in a Democratic lawmaker, even though officials certified his win last year.
“PA wants its money.” Democratic Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman ridiculed his GOP Texas counterpart for offering reward money for proof of baseless voter fraud claims.
John Fetterman says he went looking for the "enchanted village" of forgotten Trump voters.
A poll says that Joe Sestak, whom Democrats spent millions of dollars to beat, would be doing better now than Senate nominee Katie McGinty.
Democrats pounded the progressive in the race, hoping they can pick up a Senate seat from Republicans in November.
If Braddock mayor John Fetterman can pull off an upset in Pennsylvania's primary, Sanders could get a kindred spirit in the U.S. Senate.
Mayor John Fetterman says compromise is fine in theory, but he says it's a mistake when you're trying to compromise with crazy. The mayor of Braddock, Pa., hopes to win the Democratic Senate primary.
Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman accused the DNC chair of colluding with payday lenders.
Meanwhile, Pennsylvania officials have filed a lawsuit alleging that D. Bruce Hanes, the register of wills in Montgomery