John Fetterman

Republicans seem to be having a devil of a time trying to beat the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.
Dr. Mehmet Oz struggled to explain his embarrassing crudité shopping video during an interview on Newsmax.
“What’s this for? Is it like a medicinal thing?” comedian Kim Quindlen asks. “Do you need a basket or something?”
Actor Ken Olin noted, "You know you’re losing when a grocery store trolls you."
The former TV doctor said he was in a Wegner’s — an apparent scramble of the supermarket stores Redner’s and Wegmans — when he shared his shopping list in a now-viral video.
“Tonight for me, it's about being grateful,” the U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania said at his first campaign rally since a stroke in May.
Oz is being badly out-trolled by John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race.
The famous musician made a hilarious — and cutting — video message to the Pennsylvania GOP nominee (and suspected New Jersey resident).
"If you actually WATCHED 'Lost,' you’d know not to f**k with the bald guy," slammed Damon Lindelof.
It has to do with "clever" Democrats and Republican lawnmowers.