John Fugelsang

Given the durability of the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine format, it is no surprise to see a new half-hour strip called "Page Six TV," based on the iconic gossip page in the New York Post, test the waters in first-run syndication. It began on Monday this week in a three-week test predominantly in the access programming block initially on seven Fox owned stations.
Last night, at the end of his last "Daily Show" program on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart told his audience and viewers that they were the ones who had to carry on the work of finding the humor in the hypocrisy of the world.
Since the calendar -- which you can preorder here -- will no doubt just pique your interest in so many different ways, stay
John Fugelsang should replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Now that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is planning to leave, there is much speculation as to who will take his place. For my money, John Fugelsang stands out as the best choice.
Watch the video for more. Fugelsang's comments begin around the 5:00 mark. He suggested that the ruling was making Justice
"I'm arguing that society is getting dumber, and in my act I discuss politicians who keep getting elected by people who vote against their own self-interest. I'll get back to you when I find a connection."
John Fugelsang, comedian and former host of "Viewpoint" on the dearly departed Current TV, wants to have the final word on
Actor and comedian John Fugelsang gives us his take on Jesus in just one sentence, and it's pretty incredible. What do you
Even though most of the people who would have loved Viewpoint with John Fugelsang were never given the chance to watch it, the show gave a voice to topics, opinions and guests not normally heard on shows of this kind.
As Mystery Science Theater 3000's TV's Frank, comedian and writer Frank Conniff became possibly the most cuddly mad scientist in history.
I'm joined today by the very funny, very smart, and very f**king busy John Fugelsang, whom I met on Laughing Liberally, an off-Broadway comedy show.
Current TV continues its summer of reinvention. The network has tapped political comedian and commentator John Fugelsang
When one male comic makes an over-the-line sexist, racist or homophobic joke, all the other male comics, their male producers and their male audiences laugh and defend him. They ignore the hostile climate that their "humor" creates.
Trust me, it is nerd thing. When I approached both guys, it was cool, "Hey, I blog on HuffPo and I am trying to break into
Ladies and gentlemen--start your DVRs. The best news talk show on television, bar none, is MSNBC's new weekend morning program Up With Chris Hayes.
If you're like us, you have all kinds of funny people in your Twitter stream. One type that is a continuing source of both