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“He talked about depression. He talked about having his name on there, and he said he was just very, very sorry.”
With the same predictability and inevitability of a House vote to abolish Obamacare, Bill O'Reilly yet again has declared his false war on the faux war on Christmas.
Gibson has also registered the domains of several other business ventures in recent years, including,
“We launched in Canada to see how would streaming-only perform? Is broadband good enough that streaming only, without DVD
Sarah Palin apparently hasn't heard of Separation of Church and State.
Today's "Right Wing World" features John Gibson (is he still working?) on terror.
The crop of right-wing talking heads is quite a shameful bunch. If listening to conservative radio is any indication, the right has completely missed the wake-up call of the election.
While I concur with President Bush that his failure to properly assess the intelligence available to his administration was regretful, I do not wish the intelligence had been different.
"The last I heard, the National Guard was moving in to crush some kind of uprising that torched the Rockefeller Center tree and destroyed all the Christmas windows at Saks."
I'm talking to you, dentist office filing clerk. While your boss is busy snaking a vacuum tube under someone's tongue, turn the radio from the all-Christmas station.
Colbert spoke earlier this week of how he was in the middle of a "Spitzer Sandwich" owing to the fact that he'd hosted the
While the normal brain is the site of reason and intelligence, the talk show host brain, dependent on bias and fanaticism to filter information, cannot distinguish rumor from fact.
So, it would seem that Margo Channing's famous admonition to "fasten your seatbelts" is the one to heed as we plunge into
via MediaMatters Gibson came under public attack after mocking Heath Ledger's death on his radio show in January. Listen
John Gibson, host of Fox News "The Big Story" (and perhaps best known of late for mocking actor Heath Ledger shortly after
A) CNN's resurgence as the go-to cable destination for election coverage. B) The incredible shrinking candidacy of Fox News
-- Still, his apology seemed forced, and relatively half-hearted: ORIGINAL ITEM: Fox News' John Gibson found a way to outdo
Award-winning TV writer, Steve Young, is author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" ( and
Why did O'Reilly refuse to report on the heroic, fallen soldier who gave his life in Iraq and was posthumously awarded the national highest combat award, the Medal of Honor?