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Experts say this common communication issue can push couples apart.
Experts say it's one of four major red flags that a marriage won't last.
Do you want a great sex life? Of course you do, silly! Who wouldn’t? Lots of scholars have studied the matter, and writers
A new relationship—whether personal or professional—is a lot like buying a new car. Driving it off the lot is pure bliss
Parenthood can be an erotic sinkhole. While having children is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, the impact
This is one of four telltale signs a couple is headed for divorce.
I have often heard it said that the best partner will compliment you and bring out your finer qualities. When you are with
By Maj Wismann Do you live a stressful life? Have you ever wondered how it affects your sex drive? If you’re stressed for
By Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT Researchers are doing a great job raising awareness about harmful things couples say and do in
By April Eldemire, LMFT If you’re a new or expecting mother, you know that having a baby comes with a flurry of emotions
Our culture often views love as some fuzzy thing that gets passed around and makes us feel warm inside. But as we all know, this happens only part of the time. The other part is full of anxiety, confusion, and frustration.
By focusing on one issue and the specific emotions it causes you (not your partner's flaws), both of you can come together
This is vital if my partner brought up the argument. When I first learned to assert my flooding, I would get the space I