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The library’s board president said she believes the removal of “The Fault in Our Stars” was an “error” and will discuss it at the next board meeting.
Green’s book was among the titles that have been removed or moved from the Indiana library’s section for teens — a move the author labeled as “ludicrous.”
The author announced his diagnosis in a video posted to Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel he runs with his brother, novelist John Green.
This will be the first novel in six years (!!!) for the "Fault in Our Stars" author.
"To the man who stole my thesaurus, I have no words for how angry I am!"
"I have written my best work not when flirting with the brink, but when treating my chronic health problem with consistency and care."
"The Fault in Our Stars" author got real with the class of 2016 -- but said their liberal arts education will make the dull parts of life much more interesting.
The celebrated author of "The Fault In Our Stars" explains what motivates him to keep writing.
These writers don’t idealize puberty and the sometimes scary years that follow.