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"Does everyone working for the president have to debase themselves and lie like he does?" asked the CNN host.
The state is preparing to kill seven prisoners over 11 days.
THE WHISTLER is published by Doubleday. It contains 4384 pages and sells for $28.95. Book Review - Jackie K Cooper THE WHISTLER
James Taylor and John Grisham helped finance an ad that skewers HB 2, the state's anti-LGBT law.
I get an inordinate number of questions about what the industry fondly calls "blurbs," and here I attempt to cover them all with a detailed list of how authors can approach soliciting and choosing, and everything in between.
Imagine if 18 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps' mother never took him to swimming practice, or if three time Oscar winner Meryl Streep was told not to audition for the school play.
John Grisham has gone rogue. His latest novel ROGUE LAWYER is not your father's John Grisham book. This one has saltier language, a brief hint of sexual activity, and a cast of characters who do not live by any accepted moral compass.
She has a point. Six years ago, I hadn't even published one book. It took me a quarter century to land a traditional publishing