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“The business model of Fox News is to create an alternative reality that is destroying the country,” said the MSNBC analyst.
"It’s like the Sandy Hook truthers are going, ‘Dude, people died.'"
HBO will also produce a mini-series based on the "Game Change" authors latest.
The prominent political journalists will give up day-to-day roles following Donald Trump's inauguration.
Newsroom insiders assume the pair will write another post-election tell-all.
The contrast between the Sanders' and the Clinton's reactions to the night tells the profound story. Where the Sanders are elated and humble, and seem as happy as ever to talk to their supporters and to Heilemann for his interview, the Clintons' abrupt departure without addressing or thanking their people beyond the minimum demanded by television coverage is striking.
2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgMatalin-Alter debate the pre-Iowa cage-matches. But while GOP bitterly disagrees who's more loathsome -- Trump (says National Review) or Cruz (says Dole) -- among Dems, it's who's more awesome. Isn't THE variable which Dem likeliest to stop the Far (F)right? Then: Will Flint -- like "Benghazi" -- politically go from a place to a piñata?
The network will team up with Bloomberg on a series that will air as the campaign unfolds.
As someone who has criticized Trump since before his inclusion in the first Republican debate, I crave analysis that keeps hope alive for the John Kasichs, Chris Christies and Marco Rubios of the world.
One of NBC News chairman Andy Lack’s biggest priorities has been the makeover of MSNBC. Since taking the helm earlier this
Donald Trump gets hit with the hard questions about ice skating and bacon.
Both Schenker and Tyrangiel have been traveling to the Washington bureau for meetings with staff. They were most recently
The day after Allen left, Bloomberg Politics named Kathy Kiely as Bloomberg Politics' Washington news director, a new position
“There are a lot of things that have been reported that would have been considered news if they had been found in another