John Key

The National Party caucus will hold a meeting on December 12 to decide the new party leader and prime minister.
New Zealand -- like all democracies -- has corruption. But it doesn't have systemic corruption like the United States does. Systemic corruption is when politicians must give favors to the donors of their campaigns, but here the favors (if any) were due to personal connections.
Like almost every gay I know, I have my own private arsenal of memories of abuse. The interesting thing about it is that no matter how regularly it's visited on you, it never truly becomes your default setting. Each insult lands like a pin prick and each leaves a memory.
Perhaps it's the small size of the New Zealand government, or the tight-knit nature of Kiwis, or the Kiwis' propensity for enjoying a tough scrum, but I know New Zealand will recover from this disaster with its spirit intact.
New WikiLeaks cables clearly indicates the U.S.'s increasingly close relationship with New Zealand -- as well as its increasing reliance on New Zealand when it comes to Pacific security issues.
New Zealand is in the unusual position of being the only non-nuclear power country in the security conference.
Obama: "We share similar views on a wide range of common global challenges facing our two countries, including on non-proliferation, climate change and in Afghanistan."