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The Justice Department is unlikely to prosecute anyone connected to the brutal torture techniques outlined in a Senate report
Prior to his sentencing, Kiriakou spoke to The Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly about his views on President Barack Obama's
John Kiriakou, the first CIA officer to be sentenced to prison for leaking classified information, recently penned a letter
The 30-month sentence was part of a plea deal Kiriakou had worked out with federal prosecutors in October. But U.S. District
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The first Central Intelligence Agency officer to face prison for disclosing classified information, was
Kiriakou is facing 30 months in prison for emailing the name of a covert CIA officer to a freelance reporter in August 2008
Kiriakou, who spoke to HuffPost just a few hours before the unveiling of his portrait in a series called "Americans Who Tell
Had John Kiriakou actually engaged in torture, he wouldn't be in any trouble at all -- he never even would have been investigated. But because he talked about torture with reporters, he's going to prison.
"There was an organized campaign to go after whistleblowers in the national security and intelligence fields," Radack said
John Kiriakou is the first C.I.A. officer to be convicted of disclosing classified information to a reporter. He nows faces prison time for the leak.